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NOTE: The library is completing a required update of our room reservation software on March 1. To complete the update, we must make the following changes to the Study Room reservation process:
  • The ability to reserve Study Rooms for March 1 or later is temporarily suspended.
  • Existing Study Room reservations for March 1 or later will be honored.
  • On March 1 only, library Study Rooms will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Starting March 2, patrons can make reservations as usual.
  • The current system will be taken down at 4:00 pm on February 28th.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and encourage you to ask a librarian in person, online, or over the phone if you have further questions.

We have reservable spaces to meet, collaborate or to study and create on your own.

An HCPL library card is required for reservation. Select a room type and location below to see rules and policies, and search for availability.

Study Room

Study Room

Get a little space and privacy for yourself or a small study group. Various sizes.

Glen Allen (max. 8 or 4)
Libbie Mill (max. 6 or 2)
North Park (max. 6 or 2)
Sandston (max. 6 or 4)
Tuckahoe (max. 6 or 4)
Twin Hickory (max. 6 or 4)
Varina (max. 8, 6 or 4)
Conference Room

Conference Room

A traditional conference table and executive chairs is ideal for clubs, committees, and larger study groups.

Glen Allen (max. 12)
Libbie Mill (max. 12)
North Park (max. 8)
Tuckahoe (max. 16)
Twin Hickory (max. 8)
Varina (max. 18)
Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Our largest public rooms have tables and chairs available that you can configure to suit your group. See your library for other features.

Fairfield (max. 60)
Gayton (max. 50)
Glen Allen (max. 80)
Libbie Mill (max. 95)
North Park (max. 60)
Sandston (max. 60)
Tuckahoe (max. 100)
Twin Hickory (max. 80)
Varina (max. 95)
TW DML 500x334x72

Digital Media Lab

A unique place for intermediate and advanced users to experiment with digital video, audio, graphics, and 3D printing tools. Learn more.

Twin Hickory (max. 8)
Libbie Mill (max. 8)
Varina (max. 8)

Rules and policies

The following are required to reserve and use any public access room:

  • You must have a valid Henrico County Public Library card.
  • Only one active reservation is allowed at a time.
  • No selling of goods or services is allowed in rooms.
  • Check in at the information desk when you arrive for your reservation.

Rules for each room type

To find and reserve an available room, select a room type and location above.

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Select a room type and location above to agree to these rules and policies, and search for availability.