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Online Book Clubs @ Henrico Library

Join our Online Book Clubs and start reading books in your email. Each day we'll send you a 5-minute portion of a book. By the end of the week, you'll have read 2 to 3 chapters. If you'd like to finish a book, stop by the library and pick up a copy. Every week we feature new books. Sign up today and start reading tomorrow.

The African American Literature Book Club-Thumper's Corner

Reading lists, discussions, chat, bestsellers and more.

Barnes and Noble Book Club

Ongoing discussions between writers and readers of fiction, nonfiction, classics and bestsellers.

Good Morning America's "Read This" Book Club

Excerpts from books as well as videos and interviews of authors.

Masterpiece Theatre Book Club

Gives viewers the opportunity to read and discuss books alongside their screen adaptations. Includes viewer and reading guides.

Claims to be "the largest list of African-American book clubs on the Internet." Click on the Virginia tab.

New York Times Books Reading Group

From their Web page: "Every month, the Reading Group discusses a book chosen by a vote from the readers. The authors often drop by to answer readers' questions."

Oprah's Books

Books seen on the show; Oprah's favorite books; past book club selections; online discussions.

Today Show Book Club

The Today Show features books that are selected by authors.

USA Today Book Club

At the USA Today Book Club site, readers can chat with the author, listen to a reading and read an excerpt of the featured book.

Washington Post Book Club

Includes an archive, literary calendar and message board.