Investment & Personal Finance


Investment research website with useful features such as historical quotes, charts and news items for individual stocks, and lists of the best performing stocks by industry.

CBS Market Watch

Investment and personal finance website with stock information, historical quotes, news, and subscriptions to free e-newsletters.

Money Chimp

Financial education website.

Motley Fool

Popular investment and personal finance website with articles on investing and personal finance issues such as buying a house, IRAs, and credit reports.

Silicon Investor

Stock information website that includes investment discussions.

Yahoo! Finance

Popular investment and personal finance website with information on stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other financial topics. It also has a section on investor education.

Savings Bonds

The Bureau of the Public Debt – U.S. Department of the Treasury website provides information about buying savings bonds and includes a savings bond calculator that allows the user to determine the redemption value of a savings bond.

MoneyGeek - Cost of Living Calculator
How far will your salary go in another city? Compare cost of living for up to 4 U.S. cities and the national average with our comprehensive calculator. Because living costs are just one part of the equation, you can also see how job opportunities and population stats stack up for the cities you're comparing -- all with beautiful, easy-to-understand visuals.