Digital Media Lab Resources

The computers in our Digital Media Labs have more processing power than the computers you will find in the rest of the library. They also have more software that you can use to edit photo, video and audio files.

Our Digital Media Labs also have equipment you can use. Examples of the available equipment is listed below. Equipment offerings may vary at our Digital Media Lab locations. Contact the lab you would like to use to see what they offer. 

Video gear

  • Camera
  • Green screen
  • Lights
  • Video Shotgun Mic
  • Tripod

Audio recording & mixing 

  • Microphone
  • Over-ear studio headphones
  • Analog mixer

Flatbed scanner 

  • With attachments for slides and negatives

VHS to Digital Transfer 

  • Transfer home videos from VHS into a digital format. 

Adobe Creative Suite

  • Edit photos, videos and more with this powerful suite of software. 

Open Source Software

  • Audacity for audio editing
  • Blender for 3D modeling