A Roaring Good App

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As far as children are concerned, dinosaurs are right up there with pony rides, no bedtime, and unlimited ice cream.  And what could be better than an app that shows these amazing creatures in action?  Not much.  The app BBC Earth: Walking with the Dinosaurs makes them come to life and children go nuts.

The home page of the app offers three different options: Features, Dinosaur Hunters, and Dinosaurs.


Features provides:

  • Different screens with general information about dinosaurs and their environment
  • Information about different periods (Jurassic, etc.)
  • Famous discovery sites
  • How fossils are formed and excavated
  • Divisions of dinosaurs


 Dinosaur Hunters offers portraits of famous dinosaur hunters and short biographies.


The Dinosaurs section offers the really fun stuff: 

  • Dinosaur species in alphabetical order
  • Once one is chosen, that dinosaur is shown walking along, looking around, and making noise
  • The right side of the screen lists the name and pronunciation, what the name means, and a brief overview of the dinosaur.  If you tap on the dinosaur, the information disappears while the creature remains trotting along in a darkened landscape. 
  • A touch on the speaker button activates a narrator who reads the information to you—helpful for young users. 
  • Another button allows you to share the information on the slide either by email or Facebook.
  • Touching the button on the center bottom takes you to a 3D 360° view of the dinosaur with more detailed information about it. 
  • A tap on the magnify button or the dinosaur allows you to see even more detail.  Some expansions even show the dinosaur eggs, or prey, or the creature defending itself or attacking other dinosaurs.  These screens don’t always respond readily, but a swipe to another screen and back seems to fix the problem.     

The app might feel scary for some younger users because of the realistic movements and sounds.  Still, you get a whole lot of app for $4.99, and it’s an ideal informational app for dinosaur lovers of all ages.