Building a Babysitter?

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Even older sisters, brothers, and cousins can test out their budding mother's-helper babysitting knowledge with this series of books:


Babysitting Basics: Caring for Kids (J 649.1024 Browning)
Babysitting Rules: A Guide for When You're in Charge (J 649.1024 Browning)
Babysitting Activities: Fun with Kids of All Ages (J 649.1024 Mattox)
Babysitting Safety: Preventing Accidents and Injuries (J 649.1024 Mehlman)
Babysitting Skills: Traits and Training for Success (J 649.1024 Mattox)
Babysitting Jobs: The Business of Babysitting (J 649.1024 Mehlman)


And for older readers:
Don't Sit on the Baby (YA 649.1024 Bondy)
A Smart Girl's Guide to Babysitting: the Care and Keeping of Kids (YA 649.1024 Brown)
Run Your Own Babysitting Business (YA 649.1024 Berne)
You're in Charge: Basic Rules Every Babysitter Needs to Know (YA 649.1024 Higgins)

Help an enterprising youngster build skills and confidence - and perhaps eventually they might earn a bit of money for themselves babysitting.