Hey Child Care Providers!

We just learned about a free learning opportunity for child care providers.

This comes to you from the Virginia Project Learning Tree, a group dedicated to supporting educators working with children on environmental topics:

"We are pleased to present a unique opportunity from Virginia Project Learning Tree (PLT).

Early childhood educators living and/or working in the greater Richmond area can receive PLT’s award-winning educational, professional development, and classroom materials—at no cost beginning September 1, 2015!

Contact with nature has a positive impact on children’s learning, health, and behavior. Let PLT help you foster young children’s wonder and curiosity about the natural world as you safely take your young learners outdoors and bring nature into the classroom.

Enroll at www.plt.org/onlinePD-VA-EC by creating a new account. When you are asked to pay for the course, apply the promo code PLTRICHMOND, and you will be enrolled in the course at no cost.

PLT will help you:

After you sign up, you will receive:


Kari Abbott
Virginia PLT State Coordinator