Check out some Classical Music for your kids today!

My First Classical Music Album by Naxos Rights International Limited - Famous and familiar classical pieces to serve as a little one's introduction to classical music, a lullaby CD or a soundtrack for playtime or daily routines.

The Best of Mozart - An introduction to the famous composer, this CD has music with tons of appeal for young listeners. Also try The Best of Tchaikovsky

Baby Galileo by Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra - Classical pieces "reorchestrated" to appeal to the littlest ears by the Music Box Orchestra. Also try Lullaby Classics by Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra

Elmo and the Orchestra by Kevin Clash - In this musical journey, children come along with Elmo as he discovers the orchestra. Kids will be exposed to classical music and a story in which Elmo and Big Bird learn about the instruments and musicians in an orchestra and discover how composers tell a story in music that doesn't have words.

G'morning Johann by Ric Louchard - Upbeat piano renditions to accompany your child's daily routines, featuring music composed by Beetoven, Bach and Moazart. Also try G'night Wolfgang by Rich Louchard