Stop by your library today to check out these titles for soothing and fun music the whole family can enjoy.


You Are My Little Bird or Sunny Day by Elizabeth Mitchell - These CDs are terrific for quiet time, road trips or tough mornings. Mitchell's renditions of beloved children's songs and covers of folk classics by Woody Guthrie or Bob Marley are sweet and comforting, never grating.

I'm Me by Charlie Hope - Clear vocals and catchy rhythms make Charlie Hope's CD a winner. She sings several original songs that are fresh and lots of fun, as well as terrific versions of time-tested favorites. 

Family Time by Ziggy Marley - A fun, upbeat CD full of original songs and featuring lots of guests like Paul Simon, Jack Johnson and Willie Nelson! This CD also includes two stories narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Sing-Alongs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George by Jack Johnson - The movie Curious George isn't recent, but this CD of beautiful Jack Johnson originals holds up as a terrific album for kids and parents. Its calm and sweet tunes about childhood and wonder will make you smile and sing-along. 

A World of Happiness by Various - This is a CD of fun and funky songs by lots of unexpected stars. Listen as a host of celebrities from George Wendt to Magic Johnson sing catchy original songs about being a kid.