Jan Thornhill’s new picture book Winter’s Coming: a Story of Seasonal Change introduces the reader to Lily, a snowshoe hare learning about winter.  Beginning in the fall, the creatures around her begin their preparations for colder weather, but Lily doesn’t know whether she should join in or not.  The repeated refrain “Winter’s coming” makes Lily think that Winter is a creature.  The animals’ varying responses confuse Lily as she tries to figure out what Winter might really be like until she finally learns from Bear that Winter is a season.  Thornhill weaves interesting tidbits about winter survival tactics throughout the book, like caterpillars freezing and bears hibernating.  The illustrator, Josée Bisaillon, demonstrates Lily’s unknowing winter preparation by gradually whitening the rabbit’s fur throughout the story.  A great book to include in discussions about the seasons or survival strategies.  Because of the lengthy text, reserve this book for kindergarten through third grade.