Computer Labs Policy


A. Policy

The library has computer labs used for instruction and library-related computer activities. Where feasible, some labs designated by the library can be used by community groups for non-profit computer instructional activities or group computer work, as schedules and space permit.

Library use takes precedence in scheduling. Activities sponsored by Henrico County or the library are not subject to the guidelines of this policy.

No sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or association licensed to do business as a for-profit organization may use library rooms for profit-making activity. Activities designed to lead directly to the purchase of goods and services are not allowed. Mandatory sign-in is not permitted.

Admission fees may not be charged to people attending. Exceptions are made in the case of paid registration or fees for conferences, programs, or educational courses held in formal partnership with the library. Fundraising activities, except those sponsored by HCPL, may not be conducted in the labs.

All events held in the labs must be open to the public and they are available on equal terms without charge on a first come, first served basis, regardless of beliefs and affiliations. Permission to use library space does not constitute endorsement by the library of the user's beliefs or opinions.

All publicity must carry the name of the sponsoring organization. The library cannot be identified as the sponsor, nor can the publicity list the library's phone number. Library addresses and telephone numbers must not be listed or used as the official address of an organization or group using library meeting space. Publicity materials promoting an activity in the lab may not be placed in the library without permission of the library manager.

Use of computers in the labs is subject to the HCPL Computer and Internet Policy. The library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or liability/injury that may arise through use of the facility or equipment.

The person signing the application and/or the organization represented shall be held financially responsible for any damage to the facility, furniture, and equipment during the period of use.

Regulations pertaining to additional conditions on use of library rooms, policy governing conduct, use of meeting rooms by minors, and forfeiture of privileges to use such meeting rooms are specified in the Board resolution entitled "Establishment of General Policy Governing Use of County Facilities," Agenda Item No. 272-86, adopted May 14, 1986.

Non-compliance with policy and regulations may result in forfeiture of room privileges.

1. Using a Lab

Labs are available during hours when the library is open to the public. Users may not enter library buildings before the regular opening time to the public. Use of the lab must conclude 30 minutes before the library closes and users must restore the lab to the order in which it was found. Equipment, supplies, or personal effects may not be stored or left in the building before or after use. Attendance at events in labs will be limited to the posted capacity.

No food or drink can be consumed in the computer labs.

Lab computers have access to the Internet through standard browsers and are loaded with Microsoft Office. Public Wi-Fi is available in labs. Audio visual capabilities vary by lab and users must confirm with their location. Ongoing efforts are made to keep lab computers and equipment in good working order, but the library cannot guarantee working status and is not liable if the computers, software, or equipment is not fully functional at the time reserved by a group. Library staff will demonstrate how the equipment works and troubleshoot problems, but will not be available to be in the lab for the entire session.

Beyond what is in each lab, the library does not provide equipment or related items, such as AV carts, cables, etc. Computers and AV equipment belonging to users can be used in the labs if they are compatible and do not affect or risk damaging the normal operation of the lab and equipment. No outside software can be added to lab computers. Computers in labs available for booking are not on time management software and are not filtered. Access to the library's network is limited to county agencies.

All activities and participants must adhere to the library rules of conduct and to Henrico County rules and regulations. Activities in all library rooms must not disturb other users of the library, e.g., excessive noise, etc.

2. Scheduling a lab

Lab reservation
Computer Labs are intended for computer instructional activities or group computer work by groups or organizations. Labs are not reserved for individual use or for activities not requiring multiple public computers or group collaboration with public computers.

Reservation requests must be made by an adult library cardholder at least 18 years of age who will be in attendance. Reservations can be requested up to 90 days in advance of the use date. Only one booking for a group per library per day is allowed at a time; any subsequent booking may be requested at the time of the initial meeting. Users will not be allowed to schedule use on a regular, continuous basis (for example, the second Monday of each month).

The library should be notified as soon as possible of cancellations.

If the requestor of the reservation is more than 15 minutes late, that reservation may be cancelled and made available for reservation by others.