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Henrico Community Authors Showcase

Information For Authors

If you are a Henrico County Public Library card holder and a locally residing author of a bound and published book, you are eligible to participate in the Community Authors Showcase.

Each Authors Showcase is an hour-long program allowing you to read, discuss, and connect with other writers and readers in our community while promoting your work. The Community Authors Showcase (CAS) series is held in-person at five HCPL locations and online via Webex on the second and last Monday of each month from either 6:00-7:00 or 7:00-8:00 PM. Authors may schedule one Showcase per year (in-person or virtual through WebEx). Upon each CAS program’s completion, a copy of the work discussed may be donated to the library for inclusion in the Community Authors Collection.

Please note that the Library does not endorse the content, quality, position, or opinions of participating authors or their works.

To register and view upcoming showcases, visit the Henrico Community Authors Showcase page.

Publicity and Promotion

Publicity is the responsibility of the author for showcase events, as this is a self-serve program. Library location addresses, but not phone numbers, are permitted on event promotions.

The library will undertake ongoing, general promotion of the Henrico Community Authors Showcase program, though specific details about programs or authors may not be included.

Book Sales

If you wish to conduct book sales at your in-person Showcase, a $20.00 donation to the non-profit Friends of the Library is required. All sales transactions will be organized by the author, and no book sales will run through Henrico County Public Library accounts. There is no option to sell books during virtual author showcases.

To take advantage of the book sales option, authors will present cash or a check (payable to Friends of Henrico County Public Library) to front desk staff on the day of their programs. This donation is tax-deductible.

Adding Your Title to the Collection

One free copy of a participating showcase authors’ featured book may be donated to the library collection after the showcase is complete. Both physical and virtual showcase authors are able to submit items.

These works will be cataloged and processed as a Community Authors Showcase title, shelved in the Community Authors Showcase display at the library location where a showcase is held, and will appear in the library’s online catalog and may be held or transferred between library locations for check out. Generally, books are maintained in this collection for a year from the date of the program.

Books donated as part of this program will be subject to standard processing and cataloging for this collection, which includes a sticker on the front cover indicating they are part of the Community Authors Showcase. Please allow 30 days after a showcase event for processing and cataloging to be completed.

Display of the item in the library’s online catalog is based on information that is made available by the publishing group of the work, and some titles may not appear in exactly the same way in the online catalog.