MMMM...good reading!

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Before you go trick-or-treating, try some of these fascinating information books:


Chocolate from Start to Finish by Samuel Woods discusses the origin, history and ways of preparing and using chocolates.

Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot by Margot Theis Raven is the true story of a German girl and American pilot who help the children of West Berlin by dropping candy-filled parachutes during the Airlift.

How Sweet it Is (and Was) by Ruth Freeman Swain is a brief history of candies and gum, including recipes for sugar paste, fudge and taffy.

Junk Food by Vicki Cobb – explains the science of nutrition and the chemistry of candy and chips.

Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans and Bottles by Carol Sirrine.  Turn those candy wrappers into crafts!

Mars Family: M & M Mars Candy Makers by Joanne Mattern – learn about the early lives of the men behind the business of Mars candies.