Research Emergency! What's a Kid to Do?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Infobits.JPGWhat if everyone in the 3rd grade needs to do a research paper on ancient Greece, and the paper is due in two days and all the library’s books have been checked out? We’ve got a database for that!  Welcome to Kids InfoBits—a database that’s perfect for doing school research on loads of different topics (and it doesn't even have to be an emergency to use it).

It’s easy to find InfoBits, and you can do it from home or the library.  From the Henrico County Public Library’s Internet homepage, click on Kids > Kids Space. Then click on Research a Topic in the middle of the page.  Scroll down the list of databases (these are all really cool, and good for looking things up!), then click on Kids InfoBits and enter your library card number (if you are at home). You’re in!

Now for the fun stuff.  Type your topic into the search bar at the top. Your results may be in four different types:

·        Books, which are articles from encyclopedias or other information-type books.

·        Pictures, which may be photographs, drawings, maps, diagrams, flags, graphs or other types of images.

·        Magazines, which include articles on your topic from kid-friendly magazines.

·        News, which contains articles from newspapers.

Click on anything that looks good to you.  Things with a green circle next to them are for grades K-2, or all elementary readers K-8.  Things with a yellow square are good for grades 3-4, and things with a red triangle are perfect for grades 5-6.

Once you have found material you like, you can use the tools list on the right side of the screen to download it, email it, or print it.  Best of all, you can use the citation tools to make sure that you reference your sources perfectly!