Enlighten and entertain your youngsters with these:

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Signing series by Kathryn Clay has lively digital illustrations to teach basic ASL signs for use in various settings, from school to shops or home.

Hands and Hearts by Donna Jo Napoli is a luminous picture book about a mother and daughter frolicking on the beach, using only ASL to communicate.

Deborah Kent's What is Sign Language? is a pictorial work that teaches the history of sign language and how it works in the daily life of a child.

My Heart Glow by Emily Arnold McCully is a picture book celebrating the young girl who inspired creation of language for the deaf by Thomas Gallaudet.

Pete Seeger's The Deaf Musicians is a picture book about a musician who loses his hearing, but finds a way to continue using his talents.

In the novel The Printer, for grades 2-4, a boys tells how his deaf father saves hearing co-workers during a fire, by using sign language.