Summer Reading - Why It's Important

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Research indicates that reading just 5 books over the summer will keep your child from experiencing summer reading loss - a slide in reading achievement - and having to start school 2 or 3 months back in skill level from when school ended for summer vacation. As a parent, your support and involvement are an important part of your child's summer reading success. Here are a few ideas that can help make summer reading a fun and positive experience for your child:

  • Help your child set a realistic goal for number of books read.
  • Set a time for reading, even if only for a few minutes a day. Have the whole family sit down and read during this time. You can also use this time for reading aloud.
  • Share stories with your children, and ask them to share their favorite stories with you.
  • Talk about books together.
  • Let your child select his or her own books, even the ones that may look "too easy."  Like adults, children sometimes want to read books that are fun and effortless.
  • Come to the library often to get new books to read, and dont' forget to join Fizz, Boom, READ this summer!