2018 Elementary Trophy Challenge July 6 Update

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b2ap3_thumbnail_src-trophy.pngThis is our first official Elementary School Trophy Challenge update, complete with current school standings and everything!

We are just over a month into our Summer Reading Club and still have eight weeks to go. Check the grid below to see if your school is leading in your area. Full details have been included in a linked PDF!

How is your school doing? 



Glen Allen

Harvie Short Pump Glen Allen

Libbie Mill

North Park


Trevvett Chamberlayne Seven Pines


Twin Hickory


Davis Rivers Edge Varina

The complete standings can be seen here.

There is still a lot of summer left, so be sure to log your days and library programs attended.

We will post the next update on Friday July 13th! Who will be leading then? Stay tuned!