Disco Fingers - With the tap of your finger, pick a sound and pitch to create original songs. The app does include in-app purchases but is still a lot of fun without any. Free. Available for Apple devices.

Fish Chase, a Reading and Playing Story - Oh no! A goldfish has escaped! Read the book to follow the goldfish's adventure and retrace his steps. Free. Available for Apple devices.

Hat Monkey - Created by Chris Haughton, Hat Monkey needs help performing everyday tasks, like turning pages or opening doors. Kids will also have a chance to talk with Hat Monkey. $2.99. Available for Apple devices.

Dino-Store - What would happen if you went to the grocery store to buy eggs and came home with baby dinosaurs instead? (Warning: Laughs abound in this app!) Free. Available for Apple devices.

Miximal - What do you get if you mix a penguin, gorilla, and elephant? A Penrilphant, of course! Use your imagination to combine animals to create hundreds of new fun-to-say animals. $1.99. Available for Apple devices.

LEGO DUPLO Zoo - Join Rabbit and Giraffe as they travel to Lion's birthday party! You'll have to help them solve puzzles along the way. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Los Pollitos - Sing along with the classic children's song in Spanish or English. Make sure to help the chicks chirp along with the song! Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp - Travel to the Smithsonian National Zoo to learn about verbs. Take pictures of the animals and then print them out to color them. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.