Even More Super Science Apps

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That's right! There's more! Here's our last batch of awesome science apps for this summer.

Ages 2-5:


Lipa Frog Help the frog find his lost crown by catching the correct number of bugs. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Patterns by EdNinja - Can you predict which object comes next? As children progress through the app, the difficulty of the questions will change too, so there will always be something new to play. $.99. Available for Apple devices.

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer - Explore the ocean with Fins the fish. Create your own story as you meet different ocean creatures and find the hidden animations. Use this app as a way to introduce children to ocean life. Free. Available for Apple devices.

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys - Learn about the plural nouns used to describe types of animal groups. A parliament of owls? A pandemonium of parrots? Adults might learn something, too! $1.99. Available for Apple devices.

Ages 6-8:


Lightbot One Hour CodingEase into the world of computer programming by helping a robot reach his goal. Complete 18 levels by creating a sequence of events that the robot should follow. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

NedtheNeuron - Follow Ned the Neuron on his first day of work in the brain. Discover how the brain works and how it sends information to all parts of the body. Then challenge your brain with the games included in Ned's companion app: Brain Jump Pro for Apple and Android. $1.99. Available for Apple devices.

ABC.DC: An Art Alphabet - Explore the artistic treasures in Washington, D.C. in this interactive alphabet book. Each letter is paired with a work of art that comes alive when tapped. Also includes background information about each piece. Free. Available for Apple devices.

Ages 9-12:


Water Wonders Explore the properties of water with Sydney and Symon Starr. Listen to or read their story and then recreate their experiments. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Rough ScienceLearn about the layers of the Earth, states of matter, and adaptation and evolution in this Australian-produced app. $2.99. Available for Apple devices.

Wee Adventures of Shabu ShabuMeet Shabu Shabu, an inventor who longs to have a great adventure. Follow along as Shabu Shabu and Chow work on their inventions and start the biggest adventure of their lives. Free. Available for Apple and Android.



WWF Together - Explore the lives of 15 fascinating creatures in this beautiful app from the World Wildlife Foundation. The app uses photos, video, and many other interactive elements to fully engage families in learning about these creatures. Also contains origami instructions for each animal. Free. Available for Apple devices.

Our Story for iPad - Create your own science story. Take pictures of a flower growing or the starry sky and write the text. The possibilities are endless. Called Our Story for Android. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.