Why not spend a few moments over Labor Day weekend sharing stories about careers with a child? The books listed below explore all different types of jobs through clever storytelling and illustrations.


Clothesline Clues to Jobs that People Do by Kathryn Heling
This book invites readers to guess different professions based on the uniform and equipment required for each.

How to Get a Job, by Me, the Boss by Sally Lloyd-Jones
A young girl describes in detail how to decide on an interesting job and then tells exactly how to go about getting it.

Night Shift by Jessie Hartland
Late at night after children have gone to bed, people who work the night shift, like street sweepers, window dressers, newspaper printers, road workers, and donut bakers, are doing their jobs.

Sally Gets a Job by Stephen Huneck
While her family is away at work and school, Sally, a black Labrador retriever, dreams of all the jobs she might get, then remembers that she already has the best job of all.

The Top Job by Elizabeth Kimmel
On Career Day, a young girl entertains the class with a description of her father's job as light bulb changer at the top of the Empire State Building.

The Underwear Salesman: and Other Jobs for Better or Verse by J. Patrick Lewis
Forty-nine poems describe many occupations, including non-traditional ones like ice sculptor, acrobat, bridge painter, and belly dancer.