Four Book Trailers for You

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Think of a book trailer as a commercial for a book. Publishers will often create trailers for soon-to-be-released books and then share those trailers on YouTube and other social media pages. Some trailers feature the author; some feature the book's artwork or a theatrical voice over. No matter what kind of trailer the publisher makes, book trailers are always fun to watch.

Here are four book trailers for recently released or soon-to-be-published books you can find at your Henrico County Public Library.

Picture Books:

A little frog would rather be anything than a slimy, wet frog. Place a hold here.

Meet Smick and his friend Chick. Find out what happens when they see a stick. Place a hold here.


Chapter Books:

A group of friends must race around the world to find 12 magical relics before an evil organization can. Check out all the books in the series here.

The first book in a brand new series, The Box and the Dragonfly promises adventure, mysteries, and magic. Read the first book here.