Literary Resolutions

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A new year means new resolutions.

Most of the time, these resolutions focus on eating healthier, exercising more, or saving money. This year, why not focus make a literary resolution?

Studies have shown that reading expands your vocabulary, improves your memory, strengthens your focus and concentration, and so much more. Children, especially, benefit from reading, whether on their own or with their family. A recent Australian study showed that young children who are read to daily are a year ahead of their peers in terms of reading skills.

With that in mind, why not make one of these resolutions?

  • Set aside time each night to read together as a family. With young children, you can read to them. Older children can read their own books, or everyone can participate in a family read-aloud. This family reading time allows you to slow down to enjoy each other's company and some really good books.
  • Set a goal to visit the library a certain number of times this year. Maybe it's once a week. Maybe it's once a month. Maybe once every other month. While you're here, pick up a program guide and see what we have planned in the upcoming month. Maybe you could join us for a program or class, too!
  • If you're a parent of a child less than five, make a goal to attend one of our storytimes. Lasting a half hour, these storytimes help get your child ready to read and are a great place for you and your children to bond. You can check out the schedule here.
  • Read at least one book this year. According to Pew study conducted earlier this year, 23 percent of adult didn't read a single book in 2013. It's time to change that. Stop by the library and pick out a book, or let us suggest one. You can listen to an audiobook, read a print or ebook. Just try to read at least one book this year.

 What literary resolution will you make?

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