Monster Apps

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Toca Kitchen Monsters (iTunes, Google Play)


Choose a monster and feed it tasty treats out of the refrigerator!  This app has two monsters, eight foods, and five kitchen devices to provide tons of silly kitchen fun.  Ages 3 and up.

Go Away, Big Green Monster! (iTunes, Google Play)


This classic by Ed Emberly is made even more dynamic by this great app.  You can read, have Ed read to you, or listen to the story as a song.  Ages 3-6.

Sago Mini Monsters (iTunes, Amazon)


Color and decorate a variety of adorable monsters.  You also get to feed them and brush their teeth!  Ages 3 and up.

Giggle Ghosts (iTunes)


Help the ghosts get to the party by keeping them in the air, great for early counting.  Ages 3-6.

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