There are so many good science apps that we just had to share some more with you! 


Ages 2-5:


I Love Mountains - Do you know where the tallest mountain on Earth is located? How about the tallest mountain in the galaxy? Discover these and other amazing facts about mountains in this simple yet factual book app. Free. Available for Apple devices.

Peep and the Big Wide World: Paint Splat - Join Quack and Chirp as they discover what happens when they mix colors together. Create your own colors or try to match the color that Chirp shows you. Called PEEP Paint Splat on Android. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices. 

MoMA Art Lab - Create a variety of art with this app from the Museum of Modern Art. The app provides projects to create within the app as well as suggestions for extending the creative process beyond the digital world. Free. Available for Apple devices.

Ages 6-8:


Galaxies and other KIDS DISCOVER appsThe award-winning magazine comes to life in digital form. Each magazine includes video and audio, photographs and animations, games and puzzles, as well as instructions for experiments to conduct at home. Free - $3.99. Available for Apple devices.

Simple Physics - Design structures to complete a wide variety of tasks and discover how physics affect your creation. Once you've succeeded, destroy your creation and start again! $1.99. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Ages 9-12:


Shout Science - Explore the discoveries of the Scientific Revolution in graphic novel form. Learn about three scientists and their discoveries in a lightly animated and informative app. Free. Available for Apple devices.

World of Goo HD - Create bridges and other structures to help the Goo Balls explore the World of Goo in this award-winning app. Be careful, though. Don't let your Goo Balls be eaten. Goo Balls have different abilities, and players must use physics to successfully solve each level. Called World of Goo on Android. Free - $4.99.



Bedtime Math - Keep your math skills sharp this summer! Bedtime Math provides a daily story and math question, with three or four different levels of difficulty and a variety of topics. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

colAR Mix - Dive into the world of augmented reality this summer! Print out the free coloring sheets from the provided website; then point your device toward the page. Watch in amazement as your drawings come to life before your eyes. Free with in-app purchase for more coloring sheets. Available for Apple and Android devices.