Rockin' Roller Coasters at Tuckahoe

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b2ap3_thumbnail_coaster1.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_coaster2.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_coaster3.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_coaster4.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_coaster5.jpg

Using paper towel tubes, scotch tape, and paper plates, children built their own marble roller coasters at Tuckahoe's recent Rockin' Roller Coasters program on May 12. Kids designed creations with twists and turns, funnels, and tunnels, and some of which are displayed above. They factored in gravity and speed in order to create exciting yet safe roller coasters.

In addition to designing a coaster, kids had the chance to race marbles, use the library's iPads, and play with two paper roller coasters. Take a look!



We hope to see you at a program soon!