There’s always that one kid, isn’t there? That kid who loosens the lid of the salt shaker, puts plastic wrap over the toilet seat, or short sheets the beds. In the book The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John, prankster Miles Murphy is beyond such small time pranks—he’s the king of pranksters! At least, that’s what he thinks until he moves to Yawnee Valley and discovers his new rival, Niles Sparks. Everyone thinks Niles is “the good kid,” the principal’s pet, but Miles knows better. Niles’ pranks are sheer genius, but Miles is determined to be even better.  Niles wants to team up, but Miles wants to be the prankster king, not somebody’s partner. Will Niles be able to persuade Miles to team up and pull off the biggest prank in history? 

Kids who enjoy Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books will enjoy this laugh-out-loud tale.  Also available as an e-book.