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b2ap3_thumbnail_ng2.jpg    Visit our online databases to access National Geographic Kids.

Fun and substantive, National Geographic Kids offers amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space. Reputable, authoritative, and age-appropriate content for young students brings them the world in a way they've never seen it before. Includes National Geographic Kids magazine 2009-present (3 month embargo), 200 National Geographic Kids books, and kid-friendly, downloadable images. If prompted for a password, use your library card number.

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With research options available for a wide range of ages, World Book Online is a great resource for that research project that's due tomorrow, but you haven't started yet. (Don't worry, we won't judge)

Taking full advantage of tablet technology, World Book Online also works on your tablet, meaning you can put the finishing touches to your project in the car on your way to school. Here's how to get there: 

From Henrico County Public Library's Internet Homepage, click on Kids>Kids Space, then Research a Topic in the middle of the page. From the list of databases, click on World Book and enter your library card number (if you are at home).

Once you enter World Book Online, you will see all of the products available to you:

  • Kids! - The newest section of World Book Online uses image-driven navigation to engage young learners. There are interactive videos, games, as well as informative articles. Interactive features include the World of Animals, Explorable Maps, Important People, and Science Projects.
  • Early World of Learning - Developed by early childhood educators for children ages preschool through grade 2, this resource provides educational games, a story corner, coloring pages, and short video clips.
  • World Book Discover - Designed for middle school students and older, this database contains thousands of easy-to-read articles and a wealth of multimedia resources.
  • InfoFinder - This database is useful for elementary and middle school age students looking for easy-to-read explanations of various topics.  
  • Timelines - Users can explore important moments in sports, world history, science & technology, and more.
  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos - A Spanish language reference site for children ages kindergarten through 4th grades, or adults learning the Spanish language. It contains engaging content, rich media, and interactive learning tools - all in Spanish.

With World Book Online your research project will be a success! You may enjoy using it so much, that you will start your research project earlier next time. (Don't worry, we know that's too good to be true. And besides, who are we to judge? This blog post was written the day before it was due!)

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b2ap3_thumbnail_NoveList.gifTake advantage of expert reading suggestions for your child using NoveList K-8 Plus. Pick a perfect book in a snap! Divided by ages, 0-8, 9-12, and Teens, find customized title, author, and series suggestions.  Look for wide categories such as adventure, humor, historical fiction, realistic fiction, mysteries, "read alikes," "best of the year," award winners, and more.   Also, easily browse non-fiction suggestions.

Parents and teachers LOVE focusing searches according to grade level and/or lexile reading level and even the number of pages in a book! Using its "grab and go lists" and "picture book extenders," entertaining lesson plans are easily had.

This trusted time saver also boasts links to Goodreads - see a book's popularity ranging from 1-5 stars.  Linked to our library catalog - discover immediately where your suggested item is available for checkout.  Try this fabulous resource yourself.  And, guess what, there's a grown-ups' version as well.  We can't let the kids have all the fun!  

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Infobits.JPGWhat if everyone in the 3rd grade needs to do a research paper on ancient Greece, and the paper is due in two days and all the library’s books have been checked out? We’ve got a database for that!  Welcome to Kids InfoBits—a database that’s perfect for doing school research on loads of different topics (and it doesn't even have to be an emergency to use it).

It’s easy to find InfoBits, and you can do it from home or the library.  From the Henrico County Public Library’s Internet homepage, click on Kids > Kids Space. Then click on Research a Topic in the middle of the page.  Scroll down the list of databases (these are all really cool, and good for looking things up!), then click on Kids InfoBits and enter your library card number (if you are at home). You’re in!

Now for the fun stuff.  Type your topic into the search bar at the top. Your results may be in four different types:

·        Books, which are articles from encyclopedias or other information-type books.

·        Pictures, which may be photographs, drawings, maps, diagrams, flags, graphs or other types of images.