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Eat your fruit and veggies and read about them too! Here is a list of some great books to check out from your library.


Go, Go, Grapes! : A Fruit Chant by April Pulley Sayre
Rhyming text and colorful illustrations describe the tastes, scents, and appearance of different fruits.

In the Garden: Who's Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George
As Jeremy and Christina pick vegetables for their mother, they see evidence of animals and insects that have been in the garden before them.

Plants Feed Me by Lizzy Rockwell
A young boy explains the different plants and parts of plants that people commonly eat, from roots and tubers to fruits and vegetables.

Read-A-Book: A Distance Learning Program for Child Care Providers


Child care providers who are looking to earn some credit hours from the comfort of their own home, take notice!


Read-A-Book is a distance learning self-study program developed by the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Development at the Virginia Department of Social Services.



Middle-schooler Chris loves basketball. He’s perfected the art of being the strong, silent type, and even his parents don’t know how much he loves English and how he harbors a secret desire to be a master thief and comic book artist. He’s used to always being the second best behind his straight-A, sports star, Mr. Popularity, big brother Jax.

Then, Jax comes home from college. He’s dropped out of Stanford and seems to be in a downward spiral, drinking and gambling. Chris wants to help his brother, but he’s uncomfortable with the secrets and lies. A canny strategist, Chris quickly becomes a first rate detective as he tries to figure out what’s going on with his brother, not to mention the rash of local burglaries. Now, if he could only figure out Brooke—the girl he really likes in school!

While there is basketball throughout the book, it is by no means the central theme. Chris is complicated and believable. There are interesting side issues, like designer babies (Chris was born to save his brother’s life), shoplifting, and gambling. A surprise twist at the end may catch you off guard, and there are a few laugh-out-loud moments. Obviously, put Stealing the Game in the hands of any kid who liked sports, but it would also appeal to quiet kids, kids who are struggling with their identity, or kids who like mysteries.

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The Virginia State Reading Association sponsors an annual contest for students to read 10 listed books, then vote at their schools for one favorite. Each April the winning titles are announced for primary, elementary and middle school readers.  Check out the lists for the 2015-2016 school year, or peek at past populars.

Find some today at your library!

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The fourth annual Elementary School Trophy Challenge is back!

What is the Trophy Challenge?


It is a contest between all Henrico County's Elementary schools. The schools with the highest percentage of students who meet the Summer Reading Club's reading goal get a big shiny trophy with a brass plate engraved with their school's name to display during the school year.

How does it work?

  1. Henrico County Public School elementary students sign up for the Summer Reading Club.
  2. They log the books/hours they read throughout the summer.
  3. The school with the highest percentage of finishers (having read at least 10 books, or for 10 hours) will receive a trophy to keep on display for one year. 

We will track progress during the summer and share this with the club participants through email and other methods.  We hope that with this added incentive, we can encourage even more students to participate and finish the summer reading club, and experience the joy of reading as a lifelong pursuit. 

Schools By Region

We've added another region to the challenge this year. Schools are now grouped into four regions — East, NorthNear West and Far West — and four trophies will be awarded.  In addition to the trophies, each winning school will receive a Barnes & Noble gift card valued at $50 for the school library.



Near West

Far West

Adams Colonial Trail Chamberlayne Carver
Arthur Ashe Echo Lake Dumbarton Crestview
Baker Glen Allen Holladay Davis
Donohoe Greenwood Johnson Gayton
Fair Oaks Kaechele Laburnum Maybeury
Glen Lea Longan Lakeside Nuckols Farm
Harvie Rivers Edge Longdale Pemberton
Highland Springs Shady Grove Trevvett Pinchbeck
Mehfoud Short Pump   Ridge
Montrose Springfield Park   Skipwith
Ratcliffe Twin Hickory   Three Chopt
Sandston     Tuckahoe
Seven Pines