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3BooksGet personalized book lists created for you by HCPL librarians. Use an online form to tell us a little about your reading preferences and we'll email you a list of books chosen just for you. Librarians will respond to your request in about a week and send an email containing at least three recommendations, with links to our catalog so you can place items on hold for pickup at your local library.

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    NoveList 175pxWill help you find that next great read. Hundreds of thousands of fiction and readable nonfiction titles are included, along with feature content including lists of award-winning books, Book Discussion Guides, BookTalks, Recommended Reads and more.

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    Award Winning Books

    HCPLcat headerBe sure to check out our Recommended Reading list in our catalog. This page includes lists of award winning books, links to the New York Times Best Sellers lists, and many more.