Clearing Your Browser Cache

While you use the web, the web browser on your computer stores the pages you visit in a cache, so they’ll load more quickly for you on your next visit. While this helps make your web browsing faster, it can sometimes cause problems. If you go to a web page that has changed since your last visit, sometimes instead of loading the new page, the browser loads the old page from its cache—resulting in pages that might not look or act the way you expect.

Step 1: Force your browser to refresh the page

The easiest way to fix this is to tell your browser to refresh the page you are visiting. You can do this in most web browsers by pressing the CTRL + F5 keys (on a Mac, press Command + R). The browser should try to retrieve the newest copy of the page that’s available.

Step 2: Clear the browser cache

If your page still isn’t displaying or acting correctly, you may need to tell the browser to clear its cache, or forget the old pages it has stored. Pressing the SHIFT + CTRL + DEL keys (Shift + Command + Delete keys on a Mac) will bring up the cache clearing tools of most browsers. Instructions for the most common web browsers are listed below. After you have cleared the cache, refresh the page again as shown above.

Note that clearing the cache may also clear cookies, login credentials, and saved searches. You may have to log in to some websites again.

  • For Chrome browsers:
    • Go to Menu > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data
    • Check “Cached Images and Files,” no other boxes need to be checked
    • Click “Clear Browsing Data.”
  • For Internet Explorer browsers:
    • Go to Settings > Safety > Delete Browsing History
    • Check “Temporary Internet Files and Website files” only
    • Click “Delete,” and wait for a message to appear that the browser has finished deleting the files
  • For Firefox browsers:
    • Go to Menu > History > Clear Recent History
    • "Time range to clear," choose "Everything"
    • Check “ Cache ” only
    • Click "Clear Now"
  • For Safari browsers:
    • In the top menu, go to Safari > Preferences (or type command-comma).
    • Select the Privacy tab.
    • Click the Manage Website Data button.
    • In the Search box, enter “henricolibrary” to find the entry for
    • Select the entry for, and press the Remove button.
    • Click Done. Close the Preferences window.