A new navigation platform debuted July 2014 with the following features:

  • The products offered through the Library subscription – the Value Line Investment Survey current issue, Summary and Index, Selections & Opinions, the Small and Mid-Cap Summary and Index and Dividend Select - can be found in the Quick Links box at the top right corner of the Dashboard. The subscription does not include the Historical Archives, Select, or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Survey.
  • The VLIS current issue is available in digital format only and not in PDF. It is located in the Quick Links box under the Dashboard.
  • The customized formatting now offered allows users to drag and drop modules and columns in the current session but cannot be saved for future access.
  • Some of the features mentioned in the new Value Line Platform Navigation video are not available through the Library subscription, such as alerts and watch lists.

Value Line New Platform Navigation

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