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What is OverDrive?

OverDrive is a company libraries around the world work with to provide eBooks and downloadable audiobooks for people to check out. By working with them, we are able to provide digital content that works on a wide variety of popular devices.

How does OverDrive Work?

With a library card and some free software you will be able to download eBooks and audiobooks from the library. There are a few different formats of eBooks and audiobooks to choose from. 

OverDrive offers eBooks in four formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle and OverDrive READ.

  • The ePub format can be read on a variety of devices like Nooks, Sony Readers and most smartphones and tablets.
  • The PDF format can be read on most eReaders like the Nook.
  • The Kindle format can be used on any Kindle or Kindle app on smartphones and tablets.
  • The OverDrive READ format can be read on most smartphones, tablets and computers using an internet browser.

Audiobooks downloaded from OverDrive come in two formats: MP3 and OverDrive Listen.

  • The MP3 format is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and digital music players.
  • Audiobooks in the OverDrive Listen format can be streamed to most computers, smartphones and tablets via an internet browser. 

How long can I keep a title checked out from OverDrive?

It is up to you! When you check out a title from OverDrive you have the option to keep it for 7, 14 or 21 days.

What devices work with OverDrive?

Most popular devices work with OverDrive. For a complete list check their Device Resource Center.

How do I get started?

OverDrive App

For smartphones and tablets.

OverDrive has produced an app for many smartphones and tablet computers. With the app, you can download ePub eBooks and .mp3 audiobooks directly to your device. They have an app for Android, Apple devices and Windows Phone. If you're getting started take a look at these instructions. They should help you get set up.


For eReaders with black and white screens.
  Kindle - Check out this Kindle tip sheet to get started. 
  Nook - First, set up your computer by downloading Adobe Digital Editions. Then follow these directions for transferring eBooks form your computer to your Nook.
  Most other eReaders - First, set up your computer by downloading Adobe Digital Editions. Then follow these directions for transferring eBooks from your computer to your eReader.


For personal media players that support the .mp3 and/or WMA formats:

  1. Set up your computer by downloading the OverDrive Media Console software by following these directions.
  2. Transfer audiobooks you've downloaded to your computer to your mobile device by following these directions.