Mobile Library Service

Senior Care Facility Administrators


Senior Service Guidelines

Mobile Library Services brings library materials and services into a designated public area of your community.

The following are required:

  • The designated area should be spacious enough for five (36" x 22") book carts allowing ample room for wheel chairs, walkers and motorized carts to move freely. Activities Director should arrange furniture prior to scheduled time of visit.

  • Activities Director should be aware of scheduled time of visit and not double-book events. A current schedule will be provided to your facility.

  • Activities Director or representative of the activities department must accompany residents and remain with the Mobile Library Service during our visit.

  • Post the Mobile Library Service schedule and include in your monthly publications so that your residents will be aware of the date and time of our monthly visit.

Library card info:

  • We will be happy to issue independent residents a library card. Cards must be kept in good standing to ensure they continue to enjoy library service.

  • A Corporate library card can be issued to your facility. For more information, please see MLS staff or call 290-9350. Card must be kept in good standing.