Using Our Digital Media Labs

You can use one of our Digital Media Labs in a few different ways:

Open Hours

Have a project you're working on and need a program like Photoshop or Premiere Pro? Want to digitize some photos, slides, negatives or videos? Come by during Open Lab hours and get to work. Resources such as our scanner and VHS transfer stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Open Lab hours vary by location, check our online events calendar.


Want to record a podcast or film video in front of a green screen? Reserve the lab with your library card and you can do just that. Reservation times vary by location. Check our online events calendar.


There are a wide variety of computer classes offered in the Digital Media Labs. Whether you are just getting started with computers, want to brush up on some dusty skills, or learn something completely new, there is a class for you. Check our online events calendar for all of our upcoming classes!  

Get ready for your lab time

When preparing to work in the Lab, keep these things in mind:

  • Bring the source materials you want to work on. For example, this could be props for your video, videos you've shot elsewhere, pictures to scan, or maybe VHS tapes to digitize.

  • Have a way to take your files home when you're done. Files saved to the Lab hard drives are deleted after every computer session. Bring a USB drive or set up a cloud storage account to preserve your work. Have these things ready before your lab visit.

  • Media files can be huge. Leave plenty of time to export and save your projects until you get used to how long your project takes. Be sure your drive has plenty of free space to hold your projects.