3D Printing

If you've created something (via a program like Tinkercad) or downloaded something someone else designed (via a service like Thingiverse) you can request that it be printed using one of our 3D printers.

To print something you will need:

  • A library card

  • An object no larger than 230mm wide (x vector) x 223mm deep (y vector) x 205mm high (z vector) formatted in an .stl file


The charge for 3D printing is $.20 per gram. After you submit your file, library staff will send you an email with the cost and ask if you agree to the amount. When your confirmation is received, staff will proceed with your print job.

All print requests will be added to a queue and will be printed in the order in which they were received. Library staff will print all projects as quickly as possible based on staff time and availability. You will be notified when your object has been printed and is ready for pickup. Any object not picked up within 7 days will not be kept.

You can submit one request at a time. When your object is printed and you've been notified it is ready you may submit another request.

3D Printing Request Form

Submit your file for printing using the form below. You will receive a confirmation email from the library.

If there are any questions regarding your object, library staff may contact you.

3D Print Request

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Library Card*
Please enter a valid HCPL Library card number.

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Choose a Library*
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Attach .stl File
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Print Color*

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Please provide the dimensions of your design if this is important, along with any additional information that staff should know.
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You must accept the HCPL 3D Printing Policy to proceed with the file upload.

230mm wide (x vector) x 223mm deep (y vector) x 205mm high (z vector) formatted in an .stl file