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Some of Our Favorite Thrillers


Whether you want a tale with a villain who plays mind games, an atmospheric spy novel, or an obsession-fraught love story, we have recommendations for books that will keep you turning the pages. Stop by your local library to check out the thriller you’ve been craving!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo – Alex is thrust into the upper echelons of secret societies and clandestine magic rituals when she is offered a free ride to Yale. Once there, she is tasked with keeping an eye on its secret societies to make sure their activities, magical or otherwise don’t do any harm. When a local girl is murdered and Alex’s mentor disappears she must uncover dark secrets, including those about her own past.

The Terminal List by Jack Carr – Lt. Cmdr. James Reece, a NAVY Seal, is devastated by the loss of his entire team while on mission. Upon returning home, he suffers the heartbreaking loss of his wife and daughter. When he learns his own government is behind the tragic losses, he sets out for vengeance. Join him on this exhilarating story of revenge.

Temper by Layne Fargo – Kira, a struggling actress, just landed the lead role in a Chicago production that could put her on the path to stardom. She becomes entangled in a toxic love triangle with the theater’s cofounders, Joanna and Malcom, leading to disastrous consequences. Told in alternating chapters from Kira and Joanna’s perspectives, this psychological thriller set in the theater world will keep you on the edge of your seat.

American Magic by Zach Fehst – Ben Zolstra, an ex-CIA agent, comes out of retirement to lead a mission against a whole new type of terrorist. With weapons utilizing dark web videos that share incantations allowing anyone to perform real magic, finding and neutralizing the source of the videos has global ramifications. Look no further if you have ever wanted a similar thrill ride to a Jack Reacher story but with the added bonus of magic.

A Map of Betrayal by Ha Jin – Lillian Shang’s father was convicted and imprisoned for being a Chinese spy inside the CIA. Upon finding his diary she learns he left behind a second family in China. Lillian uses the diary to find her father’s other family, understand his motivations, and prevent further tragedy.

Miracle Creek by Angie Kim – Secrets are revealed after an experimental treatment center explodes, disrupting a small town in rural Virginia. Filled with intrigue, misdirection, and impassioned characters, this book is the perfect blend of small town drama and courtroom procedural.

All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth – Charlie Colloway is the daughter of an elite New York family with a tragic and scandalous past. Determined to escape the legacy of her mother’s disappearance, she throws herself into life at a prestigious boarding school. She quickly becomes embroiled in dangerous deceptions of the past and present when she attempts to join a secret society at the school. Also available on Hoopla

Tangerine by Christine Mangan – At the start of the 1950s, Alice has just moved to Morocco with her new husband. Alice’s ex-college roommate, Lucy, appears unexpectedly and wants to repair the rift that occurred when she and Alice lived together in Vermont. Alice notices her past with Lucy seems to be repeating itself when her husband goes missing. This is a tightly wound thriller with a strong sense of place and time. Also available on Hoopla

The Fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith – In post-Cold War Warsaw, agents from the FBI and CIA must work together to solve a string of murders. These murders take on international importance when our main characters learn that some of the victims were exposed to high levels of radiation. This culturally diverse atmospheric thriller, set in 1992, will keep you guessing until the end. Also available on Hoopla

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